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  • Pricing: FREE! 

    DATE: November 10, 11 & 12, 2023

    The CO.STARTERS business accelerator program is currently supported through the Community Navigator Pilot Program grant, powered by the Small Business Administration. The current price of the program is free, but interested participants can learn more about the value here.

  • Questions?

    Reach out to Carrie Kuhl at carrie@upframecreative.com.



  • November 10, 11 & 12, 2023

    Now taking applications until October 5th.

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     is a 3-Day accelerator program designed to provide you with the insights, relationships, and tools to turn your idea into action and a sustainable business. 

    Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, but the path forward isn’t always clear.

    During this four-part bootcamp, you’ll collaboratively work with peers to strategize, problem solve, and apply business basics to your idea or venture. Our goal is to challenge you, stretch your thinking, and give you concrete tools to bring your business to life. This bootcamp is not about listening; it’s about doing.

    Part 1: Discover
    Understand your business model and how to refine it. We’ll cover:

    • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset
    • Building your business model using The CO.STARTERS Canvas
    • Refining your model with customer discovery
    • Refining your model through starting small

    Part 2: Promote
    Learn how to market your business. We’ll cover:

    • Building relationships through marketing
    • Crafting your message
    • Choosing your marketing channels
    • Developing your “pitch”

    Part 3: Build
    Dive into the basic building blocks needed for your financial modeling. We’ll cover:

    • Distributing your product or service
    • Knowing your value (before you set your price)
    • Understanding your costs
    • Calculating a break-even point

    Part 4: Launch
    Build momentum by goal setting. We’ll cover:

    • Setting priorities
    • Identifying 30, 60, and 90-day milestones
    • Getting SMART about tasks
    • Creating a plan + staying on track
  • CO.STARTERS Bootcamp will give you:

    • a safe place to share, experiment, fail, and learn together.
    • a framework for better identifying and addressing key issues.
    • connections to people and resources to help you make progress in your business.
    • concrete next steps to focus on going forward, starting with the most important.
    • confidence you’re headed in the right direction.
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