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  • "Since 1987, Discovery Benefits has been simplifying employee benefits administration so our employers, participants, and consultants can focus on the things that matter most to them. We do this by offering cutting-edge technology, instant access to information and expertise and superior customer service. That’s the Discovery Benefits difference, and that’s what’s led us to become one of the fastest-growing administrators in the industry."

    One of the biggest draws to Discovery Benefits is their workplace culture. Check out some testimonials below from employees:



    What was your favorite moment/event related to Discovery Benefits a WEX companies' culture (describe a party, volunteer event, treat day, wellness initiative, etc. that really stood out to you). 

    "There are just too many reasons to name why I just love and appreciate this companies' culture. The one that sticks out to me the most is the community involvement. Community is one of our Core Values. We are a positive force in the world and our actions open possibilities for others. I mean what other company drives this toward their employees?! So empowering! When I joined the company and saw that we are given 16 hours of paid time a year to be involved in our community I was blown away! I saw teams go out and help stock shelves at Brookings Area Habitat for Humanity and help clean and cuddle the animals at the Brookings Humane Society. Also, since we have so many people working from home around the US there are team members cuddling animals all over! It was so genuine to see the teamwork not only in office but in the community building relationships as well."


    Why do you continue to work here? Explain why you do what you do here and what satisfies you in your role. Is it helping customers, tackling projects with your team, meeting goals, etc.

    "I stay for all these reasons but at the end of the day I think we all stay to meet goals. I have so much pride and respect for Discovery Benefits a WEX company that not only do I want to meet my own professional goals, but I strive to do the best work I can so our company meets our goals as well! Of course we do and surpass our goals because we are the best! Seriously though, in working toward meeting goals you are tackling the projects, building relationships with your team members, and before you realize it you have grown into this professional career that you never thought you could ever attain. This is not "just another job" this truly is a career that changes you into this professional guru that has exemplified every amazing skill you have brought to the table. If you are not feeling challenged or growing in your company, all while having fun, come join us!"


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