• WILL Luncheons


    The Women In Leadership & Learning (WILL) Committee averages six luncheons per year. At these luncheons professional women have the opportunity to learn from engaging speakers and also network with a wide variety of professional women from the community. These luncheons encourage women to build one-on-one or small group relationships.

    Luncheon Key Offerings

    • Interact with a unique group of women in the community
    • Receive relevant learning opportunities leading to professional growth
    • Encourage women to find their passion
    • Emphasize the importance of women within the workforce
    • Foster a caring community through awareness and service opportunities
    • Luncheons will include: (1) chef's choice lunch including dessert, (2) engaging speaker, (3) time for women to network, (4) key take-a-ways, (5) door prize give away, (6) sponsor presentation
    • Open to All, no separate membership dues

    WILL 2017 Season Schedule

    February 8, 2017
    Organizing, an Active Therapy
    Lisa Soma

    When I started my business I thought I would be de-cluttering, throwing things out and making spaces look pretty. I have done those things, but the thing I discovered is that there is a side to organizing I knew nothing about. I will share tips and tricks to organization as well as share clients stories that will bring tears to your eyes. What is the side of organization I knew nothing about? Come to my presentation and find out!

    March 8, 2017
    Earn the Gift: How Cancer Changed My Life
    Ty Eschenbaum

    Cancer affects every single one of us, directly or indirectly. My unique battle with Leukemia was the defining moment in my life, pushing me far beyond what I thought were my physical and mental limits. I'll share the brightest of days and darkest of night in my journey and how I learn to leverage my experience for the good. Each day I attempt to 'Earn the Gift,' hopefully my thoughts on attitude and perspective will inspire you to view life a bit differently.

    April 5, 2017
    Building Blocks of a Great Company Culture
    John T. Meyer

    John T. Meyer is Co-Founder and CEO of Lemonly.  Lemonly helps companies tell their story through visuals.  Specializing in infographics, videos and microcontent.  Lemonly works with brands like Marriott, Major League Baseball, Netflix, Under Armour, the Green Bay Packers, and the United Nations.  John was a 2016 Finalist for EY's Midwest Entrepreneur of the year and in 2013 was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs.  John loves to cheer on the Minnesota Twins, spend time with his wife Paige and daughter Margot.

    May 10, 2017
    Life By Design
    Teresa Lewis

    In a world full of complexity, competing demands and occasional chaos, it's easy to let life pass you by. That changes once you get intentional about your life and your choices every day. At the heart of the challenge is figuring out what you can control, and taking control of it. Equally important is letting go of that which you can't control. This inspirational session can change your life if you let it - at work, at home, in every aspect. This session is based on Teresa's book, Life by Design.


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  • Cancellation Policy:

    If you register but are unable to attend the WILL Luncheon please contact the Chamber within 48 hours of the event, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. This includes people with season passes, we'll deduct one of your tickets if you don't notify us 48 hours in advance. Please contact the Chamber with any questions. (605.692.6125)